Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mas Avocados!

Another new avocado item...

This one is special because it can be donned about the neck and on the lapel!

In addition, I made this version of an avocado smaller than its predecessor as some people may not want to sport a life-size greenie about the neck.

I'm having fun! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lots of Little Things...

As many of you are aware, I tend to work on long laborious projects. I love elaborate and long projects. They give me a chance to really explore a technique or process and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment upon finishing one of these endeavors. However, sometimes, I really just want to churn out a bunch of items in an evening. This feeling is where my new found hobby of crocheting adornments found its genesis. So, yeah, I've been making avocados, feathers and a even few little houses...

House Ring

Actually, I've been crocheting little house rings to be more specific.

House Ring

These were my first forays into the hand-held housing market. The pattern has definitely evolved and as soon as I finish my own version of the burbs I will share the instructions for these simple and satisfying edifices with you!

I kinda like this spooky version...

Haunted House Ring

Haunted House Ring

Want one? Head over here and pick one up!

Monday, October 22, 2012

California Grown: A Monster Crochet Revival Story

If am hooked (pun intended) on anything above all else, it has to be crocheted vegetables (and fruit)! After all, I began my blogging career by sharing my love of creating sinister veggies with you all in 2005. Although my imagery might have evolved a bit since then, I still love a nice piece of crocheted produce...

Avocado Brooch

Enter the life-size avocado brooch. Oh, and it also sports a three-dimensional pit! 

This California grown (read = crocheted) creation looks quite fetching affixed to one's lapel. So much so that as it happens, I am wearing one of these green lovelies today. Let me just say that many a co-worker has commented on my big green crocheted jewel as I strut on by, "Nice avocado."

Avocado Brooch

They're just jealous. But really, there's no need for them to feel so green, as I am listing a few of these fantabulous brooches in my formerly defunct Etsy store, Monster Crochet. Yes, it's alive! Oh, I have lots of plans for my little corner of the interwebs. Don't you worry! This here avocado? It's just the beginning... 

There will be lots of jewelry, accessories, patterns and handspun...Oh my! I'm sooo excited!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crocheting and spinning and blogging, oh my!

I cannot believe it's October! Jeesh, I feel as though I have raced through the year working, traveling and making stuff every waking moment. It's all a bit of a blur...

Despite the fervor, I have gotten a bit of spinning done...

Definitely channeling jewel tones at the moment! The blues and greens are wool as is the bottom pink/purple colorway. The top pinkish hank is spun from recycled silk sari fiber.

Spinning recycled silk sari fibers is awesome. I love this stuff! The colors and textures of the silk sari "fluff" are just wonderful!

In addition, I have also been crocheting and weaving. I'm not knitting much as of late, but I'll pick it up again soon. I always do. However, check out my latest thready crocheted creation...

She's my version of a little matryoshka. I plan to back her in felt and make her into a pendant as she's only about 2 1/2" tall. My daughter (who is 19 now...can you believe it?) has claimed her already. Some things never change!