Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crocheted Feather Pendants

I am in the midst of a personal creative renaissance and it feels so good! It's been some time since I've felt such an overwhelming urge to constantly create, experiment with a variety of processes and mediums and churn out work with abandon. I leave the cube farm at the end of each work day, primed to make stuff! As such, I've been immersed in my usual foray of fibrous activities: crocheting; knitting; weaving; spinning and playing around with the dye pot. In addition, I have also begun to dabble in photography as well as paint and make sculpture again (my art group is back together working on a large project and I'm loving the energy I have for the endeavor). At any rate, each evening I flit around my work space from project to project making progress on parts and pieces before heading to bed with a sense of satisfaction and last night was no exception. I bring you my latest little experiment...

I crocheted these lovely little feathers (about 3" in length) in a variety of size 8 perle cotton colorways (more in the works) and a US size 6 steel hook. After completion, I stiffened each feather with commercial fabric stiffener found at the local craft store (not sure that I love this stuff, but I am working on thinning it down so it's not so "Tacky Glue-y"). Any advice that you all may have regarding this type of product is definitely welcome! Finally, I attached jump rings to the tops of each feather and strung each one on a ready-made pendant. Voila! A pendant that I can create in a matter of hours!

These are so dramatic when worn. I just love that they are simple pendants that make a statement. Here's a larger view of the "sparrow" colored feather (thread procured from Sarah's Colorwave Yarns)...

And the "cardinal" feather (thread for cardinal and amazon feathers was procured from Artfabrik)...

And finally, the "amazon" feather...

Now, I off to take my lunch break in order to crochet more of these in the SoCal sunshine!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pineapple Pendant

I have always been obsessed with accessories. ALWAYS. Jewelry, hats, scarves and shawls are part of my daily donning. As you all know, I make many of the shawls and scarves I wear, but recently I thought I'd try my hand (and hook) at some jewelry too.

So, I crocheted a pineapple and attached it to this stylish ready-made pendant!

C'mon, you all know I like me some fruits and veggies! Although this one lacks the iconic eyeball, I still kinda like it!

I whipped this up in an evening using DMC perle cotton in size 8 and a size 6 steel hook. All I can say is thank the lord for my daylight lamp! At any rate, it was a very satisfying quick crochet.

Methinks I now need a Carmen Miranda inspired fascinator! Woo hoo!

Happy weekend everyone!