Thursday, January 10, 2013

Small Works: Angeles Crest

Now that I've decided to resurrect Monster Crochet, which for all intensive purposes is mostly yarn related, I think I will make my namesake blog all about my other creative pursuits (varied and vast...uh, because I have the attention span of a gnat). As such, lately, I've been putting brush to paper! Yes my friends, why let the expensive art education that I'll be paying for until death do us part go to waste? It's time to wipe the dust of those skills and get reacquainted.
I  am a person who spends a lot of her life on the road (planes, the occasional train and automobiles) and when out and about I take tons of pics. Recently, I decided to make little mixed media works inspired by all the places/landscapes I've discovered. The little paintings above (each one is 3x5") make up the second triptych I've completed based upon my travels around my native SoCal (these happen to be from a motorcycle ride that Steve and I took along Angeles Crest of our favorite jaunts). I used a variety of mediums on each piece: watercolor; oil pastel; calligraphy ink and graphite. I tend to work on several of these at once, a little bit here and a little bit there (very gnat-like). Eventually, after incessantly picking at the individual pieces, I come up with images that I feel are finished. It's a satisfying endeavor to be sure.


  1. They're beautiful! I think the one at the top is my favorite :)