Thursday, February 6, 2014

Small Paintings

I have begun painting again (by again I mean this is something I have endeavored to do periodically from the time I could hold a brush in hand and make marks). The pieces I'm working on currently are small (4x4"), painted sketches really. I use them to work out ideas, play with color and satisfy my need to make something and finish it in one evening (not a usual practice for one who is constantly enveloped in long and arduous projects).

These are my monstrous flowers. I was even thinking that it might be really cool to crochet a few of them in thread and show them side by side. Who knows how long this idea will remain viable in my mind's eye.

I figured I make these until I get sick of making them, as is my way. We will not discuss how many piles of dormant projects I have laying around the studio!

Happy Thursday, Kids! 

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